Who We Are

Welcome to Meek Manor, the online home of the Meek family–Valerie, Lloyd, Patrick, “Stitch,” and Didi. Stories are woven through the fabric of their family. From the moment Valerie and Lloyd met, they connected through stories–identifying with characters from children’s literature and comic books.

“Meek Manor,” a take on Batman’s “Wayne Manor,” was first conceptualized as a place to document the aspects of Lloyd and Valerie’s creative wedding, which had many handmade elements. The site has grown with them, always embracing the story of their lives.

In April 2014, their first child, Patrick, was born still. Valerie found healing through sharing their story and connecting with other loss families. In February 2016, their subsequent daughter, “Stitch,” was born alive and healthy after a very stressful pregnancy.

Valerie is passionate about connecting the different aspects of her life–the foundation of family, the love of books, and the heart of handmade–through stories and using those to support families through the joys and heartbreaks of life.

Meek Manor Books

Valerie Meek is an Independent Consultant with Usborne Books & More. The whole family fell in love with Usborne Books & More when they hosted a book drive for the pediatric unit at the hospital for Christmas 2016, in memory of their son, Patrick.

Valerie decided to become an Independent Consultant to help support her volunteer habit. She’s the Operations Director–a completely volunteer position–at Pregnancy After Loss Support. Being an Independent Consultant connects so many of her favorite things while also being able to support families. She believes strongly in the power of books on a child’s life.

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Welcome to this humble home
Full of every days
Full of mundane chores
And the buzz of regular life
Which is really a secret code
For here lives
The most magical of creatures
And superheroes
Living the greatest love story
Of all time.

Kal Barteski