Thursday Quote: Personal Battles to Unique Stories

Several events over the last couple of years, including the death of Patrick, have really rocked my view of the people of the world. Each time one of these events occurs, the thought that sticks out in my brain is, "Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." (Side note: interestingly, this quote is attributed [...]

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A Good, Cathartic Cry

**Spoilers for Season 3 of Call the Midwife, given for context After Patrick died, we really put ourselves in a protective bubble with our TV and movie distractions. The DVR filled, because we didn't know what new episodes would set us off. We watched a lot of re-runs--Castle, Bones, Veronica Mars, Buffy--and movies in our library. [...]

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New Articles at PALS

My October Articles posted last week at PALS. This month I wrote about our third cycle after losing Patrick and the literal and metaphorical rollercoaters while trying to conceive after loss. TTC After Loss: You're OK Until You're Not My "How I Cope" article this month is on reaching out for support and finding support [...]

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Writing at Pregnancy After Loss Support Magazine

A few months after we lost Patrick a new online magazine emerged-- Pregnancy After Loss Support. The editor, Lindsey Henke, is also the face behind Stillborn and Still Breathing, which was the first loss website I found and read, from start to finish. Lindsey and her husband gave birth to their second child (healthy!) just days [...]

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