Dear Mama, please don’t put your car seat in the shopping cart seat

Dear Fellow Mama in the Grocery Store, Please know I am coming from a place of love and concern. I don't share this photo lightly, and I definitely don't share it to shame. I tried to make sure to remove as many identifying factors as I could. And I totally wanted to steal your Oreos [...]

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Getting Real about Toddler Sleep

The clock on my phone reads 11:18 AM. My daughter just fell asleep for her nap, and I brewed my third cup of coffee so far today. As I sip it, I want to get real with you about toddler sleep, at least in our house. If you can relate, grab a cup of coffee [...]

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Hope Floats: Hot Air Balloons as a Symbol of Hope

Things look a little differently around here at Meek Manor. We've had a hot air balloon make-over! When my husband and I met at a coffee shop in 2011, we were drawn to each other through our love of comic books and children's literature. We each identified with a character, and we quickly became known [...]

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Documenting Motherhood: I am a Courageous Mama

I take a lot of pictures of my daughter. I'm actually not sure I want to know exactly how many iPhone photos I've taken of her since she was born. I send pictures to Daddy and the grandparents during the day. I take photos of her wearing clothes or playing with toys that were gifted [...]

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10 Ways to Bond with Baby through Books

I just sat my almost 14-month-old daughter on her floor quilt so I could write this blog post. On her floor quilt, I placed a few books and a few toys. The toys haven't been touched; she keeps studying each book. This is not an unusual occurrence. She gravitates towards books. I can't help but [...]

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Welcome to the World, Baby Girl Stitch!

I've been quite remiss in updating Meek Manor with our news. We welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 12:31 a.m. She weighed 4 pounds, 11 ounces and was 16.5" long. The first six weeks have been quite the ride, but we wouldn't change a thing. She is perfect in absolutely every way, [...]

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My New Philosophy: “Baby Don’t Care”

In early January, I headed over to Quilter's Way to quilt Stitch's grey and yellow star quilt on the Gammill longarm. Towards the end of the day, when I only had one more row of quilting to complete, a couple came into the shop. The husband was quite interested in how the longarm worked and [...]

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Lady of Leisure with a few more Grey Hairs

A week ago I posted my monthly article at Pregnancy After Loss Support--Pregnancy After Loss: When a Textbook Pregnancy doesn't feel like a Textbook Pregnancy. I felt like I'd really turned a corner in acceptance and hope for this pregnancy. Thursday, I headed into my 32-week OB appointment calm and confident, certain it was going [...]

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Stitch Update: 20-Week Milestone and Scans

Wow. Last week was a big, stressful week. But like many of the milestones we've reached since we lost Patrick, the anticipation was far worse. Once the week arrived, I was ready to hear the news and know how Stitch was doing. Reaching 20 weeks was probably our biggest milestone in this pregnancy, other than [...]

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I’m Having a Little Tricky

A few weeks ago I found a video of my nephew when he was quite wee. He had waited through much of December to put Baby Jesus on his advent calendar, which was how he counted down until Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jon, and Auntie Val would all be at his house for Christmas. He almost couldn't [...]

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