Patrick’s Spot: How We Created a Space in our Home for our Child who Died

Last week I spent some time with Pregnancy After Loss Support's founder, Lindsey Henke. At lunch before she dropped me off at the airport, we were chatting about our first born children--our stillbirths. She asked if Patrick was buried or cremated. I'm always a little defensive about this topic. I know we made the right [...]

Embracing a Mantra: Create a Storybook Life

Photo by on Unsplash On New Year's Eve, I wrote this on the Meek Manor Facebook page: Have you seen all the inspiration going around about choosing a word for the new year? A word of the year will motivate you, inspire you, and help you focus. It's seriously all the rage. New Years Resolutions [...]

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Giving Thanks and Offering Hope: Tips to Survive the Holidays when your Heart Hurts

I'm feeling reflective this morning. It's Thanksgiving, and today we stuff ourselves with delicious food and kick off the holiday season. For the first time in several years, I'm actually genuinely excited about this holiday season. I'm sure there will be some tricky moments along the way, but after navigating three Thanksgivings, Christmases, and New [...]

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What My Stillborn Son Taught Me About Love

Today is Patrick's first Valentine's Day. I should be dressing him in a probably-really-too-girly "Love Bug" onesie and showering him with love and snuggles. Instead, I've spent the last couple of weeks contemplating what he's taught me about love. Patrick has taught me so much--about loss, about grief, about strength, about survival--but I think the [...]

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