Tips for using Favorite Things to Encourage Early Language Development: Rainbows

The first stop in our favorite things series is rainbows. In the world of pregnancy loss and pregnancy after loss, rainbows signify the baby born after a loss: the rainbow after the storm of loss and grief. I didn't really embrace the whole "rainbow baby" thing while we were pregnant with Stitch, but this spring [...]

Parenting Joy: Her First Steps

Hold the presses! Our Halloween Favorite Things series will return tomorrow. Today we need to pause and celebrate. STITCH TOOK HER FIRST STEPS!!!! Ahem. Nope. Let me shout it again: STITCH TOOK HER FIRST STEPS!!!! Our 19.5-month-old little love has lagged in her gross motor development, and we broke down and had her evaluated by [...]

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Dear Mama, please don’t put your car seat in the shopping cart seat

Dear Fellow Mama in the Grocery Store, Please know I am coming from a place of love and concern. I don't share this photo lightly, and I definitely don't share it to shame. I tried to make sure to remove as many identifying factors as I could. And I totally wanted to steal your Oreos [...]

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Getting Real about Toddler Sleep

The clock on my phone reads 11:18 AM. My daughter just fell asleep for her nap, and I brewed my third cup of coffee so far today. As I sip it, I want to get real with you about toddler sleep, at least in our house. If you can relate, grab a cup of coffee [...]

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Shame-Free Screen Time

When my daughter, Stitch, was about six months old, she got sick with a terrible upper-respiratory virus, which was accompanied a horrendous cough. On one of our five trips to the pediatrician's office that week the doctor wanted to try giving her a nebulizer treatment to see if it offered any relief. She was not [...]

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My Husband Calls Me “Valerie”

My husband calls me by my full name, Valerie, and it's one of the many things that I love about him. Most people who know me well call me, "Val." When my brother performed our wedding ceremony, he mentioned that he was going to have a hard time calling me "Valerie," because he was pretty [...]

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Not Every Rainbow After Loss is a Baby

I have always loved Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I’d probably choose it as my life’s lullaby. It brings comfort and hope. Each time I hear the song, it calms me. In fact, I’ve collected every version of the song that’s been recorded. I currently have 15 versions on my iPhone. At my wedding, I danced [...]

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“I’m Swamped:” Princess Bride Quotes for Every Occasion

Our family loves The Princess Bride. I'd go so far as to say that our family LIVES The Princess Bride. Every opportunity exists to quote the movie. A few cases in point before I move on to the actual point of this post (which really just exists to quote The Princess Bride, therefore further proving [...]

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