Shark Fin Cupcakes

We've truly embraced the shark theme in our house right now. When my daughter announced yesterday that we needed to bake, I knew just what we had to make: shark fin cupcakes! These are both super easy and super fun to make. And your kiddos won't be able to resist helping.   What you need: [...]

In the Diner: Thursday Pie Project–Chocolate Fudge Pie with Praline Crumble

Goodness! What a wild month it's been around the Meek house. It feels good to start getting back to some normalcy…whatever that may be at this point. I've missed my pie posts, though! We've still had pie. I've just taken a break from photographing the process and posting it on the blog. Getting back to [...]

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Pi Day Giveaway! Pie Day Hoop Art

Happy Pi Day! Capping out our celebration of Pi/Pie week, we're giving away an 8" Hand-embroidered "Pie Day" Hoop Art. Complete the Rafflecoptor entries below. Giveaway ends on March 18th, and winner will be announced late next week. a Rafflecopter giveaway You can also make your own "Pie Day" hoop art, using our free pattern/tutorial, [...]

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In the Diner: Thursday Pie Project–Peanut Butter Candy Pie

Today's pie was a bit quicker to put together, and I didn't make the traditional crust. Not making the crust really caused me to feel like I was cheating. Then I remembered that this is *my* pie project, so I can make up the rules. Last Thursday I had a doctor's appointment, and since we're [...]

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Pi/Pie Week: Now & Later Chicken Pot Pie

When my parents lived in Massachusetts--before I even knew Lloyd existed--Mom and I used to get together every six weeks or so and do major cooking sessions. Together we developed the perfect chicken pot pie recipe. Our "Now & Later Chicken Pot Pie" is the best kind of cooking in bulk. You can prepare it all for [...]

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π Week!

This Saturday, March 14th (3/14/15 or 3.1415), is Pi Day, which celebrates the mathematical constant π. At Meek Manor (online and at home), we're celebrating with PIE! Please join us this week, as we share the following: Wednesday: Valerie & Kathy's Chicken Pot Pie recipe Thursday: #PieThursday--the next pie in Valerie's Thursday Pie Project Friday: Tutorial with free [...]

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In the Diner: Thursday Pie Project–French Silk

One of my favorite pies as a child was French Silk. For special occasions our family would go to Poppin' Fresh Pies, and I'd get their French Silk for dessert. Eventually, Poppin' Fresh Pies (which was owned by Pillsbury) was bought out by Bakers Square. My little brain was concerned that the French Silk pie wouldn't taste as good, but it did.

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In the Diner: Thursday Pie Project

Welcome to Batman & Ladybug Girl's Diner! This sign, which was a wedding gift from a dear friend, hangs over the door from the mud room into the kitchen of our apartment. I hope to develop this area of the blog more over the coming months, and we'll be starting with "The Pie Project." But [...]

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A Pinterest pin we can agree on!

We have websites in this house that are definitely his and hers. His: Buzzfeed; Hers: Pinterest. His: Things I Learned Today; Hers: Any number of quilting blogs. And so it goes on. When I am reading something from Buzzfeed, he gives me no end of grief. And, until the other night, he scoffed at everything [...]

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