Our Family Heart

Some families have a family crest. In our family, we have a family heart. See, we're storytellers--through words and illustrations. Through that storytelling, we show our love--for each other and for the world. If you are new to our family's story, let me try to catch you up. On our first date, my husband and [...]

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Making Holiday Magic after Loss

I've been talking a lot about the magic of the holiday season this year. I feel it in me, and I see it in my daughter's eyes. Each night, she opens her Advent present so carefully, so expectantly, so delightfully. It's precious. I want to bottle these moments. But, if I was to be really [...]

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Tips for using Favorite Things to Encourage Early Language Development: Rainbows

The first stop in our favorite things series is rainbows. In the world of pregnancy loss and pregnancy after loss, rainbows signify the baby born after a loss: the rainbow after the storm of loss and grief. I didn't really embrace the whole "rainbow baby" thing while we were pregnant with Stitch, but this spring [...]

Parenting Joy: Her First Steps

Hold the presses! Our Halloween Favorite Things series will return tomorrow. Today we need to pause and celebrate. STITCH TOOK HER FIRST STEPS!!!! Ahem. Nope. Let me shout it again: STITCH TOOK HER FIRST STEPS!!!! Our 19.5-month-old little love has lagged in her gross motor development, and we broke down and had her evaluated by [...]

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Getting Real about Toddler Sleep

The clock on my phone reads 11:18 AM. My daughter just fell asleep for her nap, and I brewed my third cup of coffee so far today. As I sip it, I want to get real with you about toddler sleep, at least in our house. If you can relate, grab a cup of coffee [...]

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Share the Love: Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Tuesday morning, as it snowed, I contemplated keeping Stitch and me in our pajamas all day. But as I sorted through some new-to-us clothes and folded her laundry, I came across several pieces of clothing with hearts on them. I laughed, because a few weeks ago I was worried she wouldn't have anything to wear on [...]

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Keeping Holiday Expectations in Check

I've been anticipating this Christmas for what seems like my whole life--the magic of the first Christmas with my living child. I never thought I'd have to quantify it in that way. We've been through a first Christmas as parents, but our child was with us only in spirit and memory. As the actual holiday gets closer, [...]

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Including Patrick in our Halloween Traditions

As we build new family traditions with Stitch, especially as the holiday season has begun, Lloyd and I want to make sure that Patrick is included as often as possible. We want Stitch to know about her big brother. We want to say his name and hear others say his name. Halloween can be challenging for [...]

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Handmade: My Going Home Outfit

Me in my going home outfit. Photo by David Winters, used with permission My parents kept many handmade treasures that were mine when I was a baby. My mom had made my going home outfit with leftover fabric and lace from her wedding dress. When we were pregnant with Patrick, I asked her [...]

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