My New Philosophy: “Baby Don’t Care”

In early January, I headed over to Quilter's Way to quilt Stitch's grey and yellow star quilt on the Gammill longarm. Towards the end of the day, when I only had one more row of quilting to complete, a couple came into the shop. The husband was quite interested in how the longarm worked and [...]

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Sewing for Stitch: Pinwheel Car Seat Canopy Update

This Pinwheel Car Seat Canopy/Stroller quilt was not on my original to-sew-for-Stitch list, but the way it's coming together I wonder if it is going to end up being one of my favorites. I guess that sometimes fabric really does speak to you and urge you to find a use. Those stars called to me from [...]

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“Dragon” Baby Quilt

I had two dear friends pregnant and due the same week in August. One quilt (Babe's Toy Box) was finished before the baby arrived, partially because my friend was moving away. I had grand goals to have this second dragon baby quilt done as well, but when I went to order the fabric and get it [...]

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“Babe’s Toy Box” Quilt

"Babe's Toy Box" quilt has been waiting patiently for the perfect recipient, and when I found out that my friend Andrea was having a baby girl, I knew I had to finish this quilt for her babe. Andrea and I have been friends since we worked together at a Montessori school. She became a near [...]

Healing Blooms Quilt

I have a bunch of finished projects that I haven't blogged, so I'm going to try to get caught up on those over the next several Fridays. Today's quilt went to one of my dearest friends. She had knee replacement surgery a few months ago, and I thought she needed a cuddle quilt for recovery. [...]

Patrick’s Shadow Box

Reader's Note: If you're coming over from Crazy Mom Quilts, I want to give you a head's up that this post talks about loss, specifically stillbirth. If you are triggered by pregnancy loss, neonatal loss, or child loss, I will completely understand if you skip today's post. We were blessed to deliver Patrick in a [...]

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WIP Wednesday: Jack’s Chain Bed Quilt

With encouragement from my husband and my fellow quilters, I decided to jump into the deep end and start our bed quilt. I've been wanting to do this ever since we got married in 2012, but it just kept getting pushed further and further down on the priority list. I also kept changing my mind [...]

WIP Wednesday: Cinnamon Sticks Table Runner

Sewing and quilting have been kind of a strange beast for me since losing Patrick. In the past, quilting and sewing have been so healing for me, but it doesn't always feel that way for me right now. I feel a bit like I've had to force myself to sit at my sewing machine, and I [...]

Patrick’s Quilt

When we got the Special Delivery fabric collection from Quilting Treasures in last year at Quilter's Way, I jumped on making the shop sample. I just loved the collection, and I knew I'd find a good home for it after the shop didn't need it anymore. We decided to use the All Bricked Up pattern, [...]

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