“Dragon” Baby Quilt

I had two dear friends pregnant and due the same week in August. One quilt (Babe's Toy Box) was finished before the baby arrived, partially because my friend was moving away. I had grand goals to have this second dragon baby quilt done as well, but when I went to order the fabric and get it [...]

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“Babe’s Toy Box” Quilt

"Babe's Toy Box" quilt has been waiting patiently for the perfect recipient, and when I found out that my friend Andrea was having a baby girl, I knew I had to finish this quilt for her babe. Andrea and I have been friends since we worked together at a Montessori school. She became a near [...]

Handmade Valentines

Lloyd and I decided back before our first Valentine's Day that we wanted to commit to making Valentine's presents for each other. We also started a tradition of having hootenanny pancake for dinner. With these traditions now firmly set, we celebrated our fourth Valentine's Day together this year. The Monday before Valentine's Day I saw Julie Herman's [...]

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WIP Wednesday: Seaside Table Runner

Quilters, I need a bit of advice on this one. Please read through and comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts! This Seaside Table Runner was a hopeful Christmas finish that didn't happen. Now it's on the top of the finish-in-2015 pile. This little guy (15"x40") whipped up pretty quickly and was much easier than [...]

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Victorian Baby Crazy Quilt

A precious, much anticipated, baby girl was born into our family in March of 2013--the first girl on both sides of the family. Her mama, my sister-in-law, had a very specific picture in her head of what she wanted for the nursery. We searched and searched for fabric that would work and almost ended up [...]

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WIP Wednesday: Pumpkin Table Runner

As soon as I saw Diary of a Quilter's Patchwork Table Runner tutorial, I knew I had to make my own version. I have many orange scraps (thanks to being in my "orange period"), so I planned on it being a scrap-buster project. But, then I took a trip to Quilter's Way and saw Maude [...]

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Cooper’s Space Play Quilt

I realized this week that I still have a bunch of catching up to do with finished projects, which is good since I'm not finishing much these days. We're puppy training around here! I blogged today's project as a WIP back in May of 2013. We were getting ready to travel to my niece's christening, and [...]

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A Clutch for a Special Mama

Back in May I posted a WIP gifty that I was wanting to finish and get off to my sister-in-law, who so graciously understood why it was over a month late. She had requested a zippered clutch to match her diaper bag that I made her before the birth of their daughter in 2013. (For [...]

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WIP Wednesday: Crosshatch Quilting

I started this little Cinnamon Sticks table runner in the middle of August, thinking it would be a quick and easy project to FINISH. I got the top done the same day I posted it as a WIP (work in progress). I made the back over that weekend. Then I discovered that I didn't have [...]

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