Footprint Shark Family Craft

My two-year-old daughter is not crazy about having paint put on her feet for all of the different adorable footprint crafts. So, when I was putting together our shark activities, I needed to think outside the box a bit to get a shark footprint craft. The result? A whole family of shark footprints! Which was [...]

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Shark Number & Counting Activities with Free Printable

Numbers and counting have always been on the peripheral in our home. We count in books and define numbers when we see them, but like most things, we waited for our daughter to show interest. Then, one day, she sat down and counted as she placed her Frozen figures back in their storage basket. She [...]

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Three Shark Cookie Cutter Activities

When I plan activities for my daughter, I like to choose materials that can be used in multiple ways--especially when a theme is involved. Otherwise, it can get really expensive! A basic metal cookie cutter is a perfect, inexpensive material with so many uses. We have this set of aquarium cookie cutters that includes the [...]

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Shark Fin Cupcakes

We've truly embraced the shark theme in our house right now. When my daughter announced yesterday that we needed to bake, I knew just what we had to make: shark fin cupcakes! These are both super easy and super fun to make. And your kiddos won't be able to resist helping.   What you need: [...]

S is for Shark: Shark Matching & Memory Activities with Free Printable

I really enjoy watching my daughter make connections as she learns and explores the world. One of the activities we do to encourage these connections are matching activities, which are both fun and excellent for development. As I've introduced our shark activities, including our shark matching, I've been amazed as I watch her be able [...]

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S is for Shark: Shark Sensory Bin, Two Ways

We love sensory bins in our home. Give us a theme, and we'll have a sensory bin to go with it! When I chose our featured book, Usborne Lift-the-Flap Sharks, and Safari Ltd. Shark figures TOOB for our shark activities, I knew we needed a shark sensory bin where we could play with the shark [...]

S is for Shark: Our Favorite Shark Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Shark Week is just around the corner, and we're launching a set of shark-themed activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Let's kick things off with our favorite shark books! {This post contains affiliate links. This means we'll make a small commission if you purchase from the links, at no extra cost to you. Win-win!} Our Top [...]

It’s coming! It’s coming! Get Ready for Meek Manor’s Shark Activities!

Over the last year or so, I've been having an incredible amount of fun planning and executing themed activities with our toddler. We pair books with crafts, outings, sensory activities, and more--much like I did when I ran after school programs for preschool and elementary students before I got married. And now it's time to [...]

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Make Toddler Magic: Get Outside!

We live in New England, and our early spring has been so cold and snowy and rainy and not conducive to getting outside much. We've been so stir crazy! FINALLY, some nice weather has arrived, and oh, how it has changed the tone in our home. Turns out, now that our girl is walking, she'd [...]

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Today we celebrated our son, Patrick’s, 4th birthday. Four. If I’m being honest, I think this has been the toughest birthday yet. I’ve very much felt the pull of life moving on without him, so today has been rough. I almost didn’t take Stitch to “school” this morning. We were very late, but we made [...]

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