Hope Floats: Hot Air Balloons as a Symbol of Hope

Things look a little differently around here at Meek Manor. We've had a hot air balloon make-over! When my husband and I met at a coffee shop in 2011, we were drawn to each other through our love of comic books and children's literature. We each identified with a character, and we quickly became known [...]

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New Look!

So, while I contemplate the next installment of Handmade Wedding, I decided the site/blog needed a new look. The wedding is over; wedding information needed to not be the focus. I haven't deleted the pages yet; I just moved them all under "The Gala." Take a look around. Make sure all my links work. Enjoy [...]

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Wow! It's been over a month since the last post, and we're an old married couple now! Sorry for that lapse in posting, Megan, but we've been busy enjoying our wedding, honeymoon, and other family activities--on both sides! I promise some good stuff is coming soon, though. We got our photographs back from our immensely [...]

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Welcome to Meek Manor!

Here at Meek Manor, you'll learn all about the joining of forces between Valerie and Lloyd, which is now scheduled for April 28, 2012.  You'll also get to know the superheros, their sidekicks, their stories, and all about the area where they are being married. So, welcome! Grab a coffee, and take a tour of [...]

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