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Patrick’s Spot: How We Created a Space in our Home for our Child who Died

Last week I spent some time with Pregnancy After Loss Support's founder, Lindsey Henke. At lunch before she dropped me off at the airport, we were chatting about our first born children--our stillbirths. She asked if Patrick was buried or cremated. I'm always a little defensive about this topic. I know we made the right [...]

Our Family Heart

Some families have a family crest. In our family, we have a family heart. See, we're storytellers--through words and illustrations. Through that storytelling, we show our love--for each other and for the world. If you are new to our family's story, let me try to catch you up. On our first date, my husband and [...]

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Valentine’s Day Themed Sensory Bin

Our daughter received the most gorgeous sensory table for her first birthday. It was handmade by her Godfather, and it has become one of the most-used fixtures in our home. The table holds its proper place as the centerpiece of our living room, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. In the last couple [...]

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Embracing a Mantra: Create a Storybook Life

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash On New Year's Eve, I wrote this on the Meek Manor Facebook page: Have you seen all the inspiration going around about choosing a word for the new year? A word of the year will motivate you, inspire you, and help you focus. It's seriously all the rage. New Years Resolutions [...]

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A Toddler Christmas Tree Activity with Endless Possibilities

The theme for this Christmas season certainly seems to be "magic." Magic doesn't always make itself, though. Sometimes it needs a little help. And a nice dose of humor. We've been working through a bunch of Christmas activities from the Celebrate Activity Plan by Jamie Reimer of Hands on We Grow. It's been so helpful [...]

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Making Holiday Magic after Loss

I've been talking a lot about the magic of the holiday season this year. I feel it in me, and I see it in my daughter's eyes. Each night, she opens her Advent present so carefully, so expectantly, so delightfully. It's precious. I want to bottle these moments. But, if I was to be really [...]

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Usborne Books & More Gift Pairing Guide: Preschoolers

Shopping season has arrived! Books pair so well with toys and clothes for gifts, so I wanted to put together some suggested pairings to inspire you as you shop for the kiddos in your life. This gift guide is geared towards preschoolers, age 3-5. 1. A Bedtime Set Get here: 5-minute Bedtime Stories & Carter's [...]

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Usborne Books & More Gift Pairing Guide: Babies & Toddlers

Shopping season has arrived! Books pair so well with toys and clothes for gifts, so I wanted to put together some suggested pairings to inspire you as you shop for the kiddos in your life. This gift guide is geared towards babies and toddlers, ages 0-2. 1. That's Not My... Books Little ones cannot get [...]

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Giving Thanks and Offering Hope: Tips to Survive the Holidays when your Heart Hurts

I'm feeling reflective this morning. It's Thanksgiving, and today we stuff ourselves with delicious food and kick off the holiday season. For the first time in several years, I'm actually genuinely excited about this holiday season. I'm sure there will be some tricky moments along the way, but after navigating three Thanksgivings, Christmases, and New [...]

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So, You’re Having a Baby: What do You Really Need?

*Photograph by Margaret Belanger Last week, Stitch and I rode the elevator with a very frazzled pregnant mama. She asked how old Stitch was. After I replied she said her babe needed to cook a little longer. Since I had that opening, I asked when she was due. "Three weeks," she replied. "I [...]

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