Hold the presses! Our Halloween Favorite Things series will return tomorrow. Today we need to pause and celebrate.



Nope. Let me shout it again:


Our 19.5-month-old little love has lagged in her gross motor development, and we broke down and had her evaluated by Early Intervention a couple of months ago. She’d been evaluated at six-months-old because she wasn’t sitting up. But, she was doing so well in everything else and still within the “normal range,” especially considering she was four weeks pre-term, that she didn’t qualify for services. They told us to call them again if she wasn’t walking at 18 months.

I called before 18 months, though. Not only was she not walking, but she wasn’t crawling or pulling up or standing on her own either. We struggled with knowing when it’s time to worry and eventually decided it was time. Early Intervention agreed. She qualified for services, and we started physical therapy about six weeks ago.

She’s made steady progress, and we’ve celebrated every gain. Her physical therapist, Miss Nicole, is fabulous, and we look forward to hanging out with her each week. Though, Stitch and I are both absolutely wiped out after our sessions!

So, back to today. Stitch has started pulling up without even really thinking about it, and we’ve been working on getting her to stand on her own. Today, she was having none of that and wiggled herself free from Miss Nicole and stepped to me to “save her.” I looked at Nicole and asked, “Did she just take her first steps?”

“I think she did!” she responded. “Let’s do it again!”

Sure enough! She came toddling over to me. We did it many more times during our session–even taking a some rough video so Daddy could see. Sometimes she just flung herself towards me, and other times she’d take a couple of steps.

Now, we’re still a ways away from full-fledged walking, and she still needs to be able to stand on her own, but wow! What a huge step (literally and figuratively) we made today!

A baby’s first steps are a big deal. You record that milestone. But, the joy I felt this morning was more than the typical milestone joy. Honestly, I’m still shaking with excitement. She’s doing this on her own schedule, which is basically how she approaches life. I mean, for months now I’ve been saying, “She’ll walk when she’s ready.” Somehow, that makes it even more sweet.

She amazes me each and every day. Today, I’m amazed at awe-like levels.

You keep on truckin’, Baby Girl. These steps will take you places, I just know it!