When I initially chose our featured book for this month, I was incredibly excited because I had never seen it in person but had heard so much positive buzz. All Better had been out of stock for months because of its popularity. As soon as it became available, I ordered a copy. As soon as it arrived, I totally understood why it’s so popular and was thrilled to be able to offer it to my customers as my featured book for the month. I can’t think of a better stuffer for those Easter baskets!

Then, in mid-March, Usborne Books & More released their mid-season new books, and one of them, Little Bear Needs Glasses, is from the same author as All Better. I had already ordered several copies of All Better to have available immediately, but I wanted to be able to offer the new title as well. So, I ordered several, hoping it would be as fabulous as All Better. And you know what? I’d argue that it’s even better.

Let me tell you a bit about the books if you’re not familiar with them. All Better is written/illustrated by Henning Löhlein & Bernd Penners, and Little Bear Needs Glasses is written/illustrated by by Bernd Penners & Christine Faust. Both books are published by Kane Miller. They are oversized board books, and each comes with five sturdy reusable stickers. They are ideal for toddler and preschool readers.

All Better follows several animals who have been injured in some way. Dog hurt his foot; Sheep scratched her tummy. Readers can put one of the reusable bandaids on the owie, as they repeat, “Clean it, kiss it, put a bandage on it. All better!”

The stickers allow practice of fine motor skills, while the repetitive text encourages language development. Readers empathize with the animals and do what they can to make them “all better.” But, let’s be honest, the best part is those stickers. They are just plain fun. As Jill Krause of Baby Rabies said on her Facebook page, “It’s toddler crack, you guys.” And it totally is.

Little Bear Needs Glasses follows Little Bear as he stumbles and worries his friends because he can’t see very well. They offer him their glasses to try, but Little Bear needs his own glasses. With five sturdy reusable glasses stickers, readers can let Little Bear try on each pair then return them to their original owner. It has many of the same educational benefits of All Better, including fine motor skill practice and repetitive text. It also helps with a general introduction to glasses for a child who may need glasses himself.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about these books. The illustrations are fun, colorful, and engaging. These really are must-have books for every toddler and preschooler. Plus, they’ll stand up to a little abuse. The reusable stickers are even washable. We got to personally test that yesterday as my 13-month-old daughter played with Little Bear Needs Glasses. She set one of the stickers on the floor where it collected a bit of dust and dog hair. After a quick rinse and pat dry with a paper towel, it was all better! Each book retails for $12.99. They will be a favorite in your house!

Do you have either of these books? I’d love to hear your reviews in the comments! I know I have several customers who have purchased them since they became available last month.

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