We’re excited to announce the return of Post-its for Patrick to celebrate Patrick’s third birthday on April 2, 2017. Some may remember that we held our first Post-its for Patrick* to commemorate his due date, August 18, 2014. It was a twist on Random Acts of Kindness, and it brought us and others so much encouragement that we wanted to organize a new campaign for Patrick’s birthday this year.

Post-its have been “our” thing since very early in our relationship. We’ve tried to remember who left the first Post-it, and neither of us can remember. When we were dating, I’d stick them in Lloyd’s lunches that I packed from dinner leftovers and sent home with him. He’d hide a note somewhere in the apartment before he headed home for the night.

It became such “our thing” that we had people write us Post-it notes at our wedding, rather than do a guest book.

While we’ve left Post-its for each other through our whole relationship, they really took on a new meaning after Patrick’s death. When Lloyd would leave for work in the morning, he’d give me a number, and I’d know that’s how many Post-its I should keep my eye out for through the day. I’d collect them in certain places around the house, leaving some random ones around to make me smile. Lloyd’s artistic genius helps him create elaborate and original drawings and notes that he leaves, and I looked forward to finding them each day.

When we were pregnant with Stitch, I documented the Post-its Lloyd left each day on both Instagram and the Meek Manor Facebook page. We both had so much anxiety, and the Post-its really did help us remember the love that was the foundation of our family.

We moved last May, and I found it so emotional to pack up the Post-its. They haven’t made the same sort of return in our new home. They are much less frequent and more specific these days. Life has changed so much since Stitch arrived and we moved. I think that’s part of why it is so important to us to host Post-its for Patrick this year. Plus, we want to include Stitch in the celebration.

So, on April 2, 2017 we’re going to celebrate by inundating the world with Post-it notes to make people smile. There are several ways you can help us make this happen. The most obvious is to grab a pack of Post-its the morning of Sunday, April 2, 2017, and leave random notes around your house (on your bathroom mirror and kids’ bedroom doors), with your (generous) tip at dinner, for the next person in line at the coffee shop (after paying for their coffee), with smiley faces on the wall of the bathroom stall, in your kids’ lunches, in your spouse’s wallet, with brownies for your neighbor, etc. Take photos of your Post-its (or just your favorites) and upload them to the Facebook event page, Tweet a picture, or post on Instagram, along with where you left the note and the hashtag #PostItsforPatrick.

You can also use our postcard template that we created to mail Post-its for Patrick to your loved ones near and far. We suggest that you mail by Tuesday, March 28th to make sure they arrive in time.

We can’t wait to see your creativity and the joy brought to others through #PostItsforPatrick!

With love,

The Meek Family

*To read about our first Post-its for Patrick campaign, see “Post-its for Patrick,” “Postcards for Post-its for Patrick,” and “Post-its for Patrick Recap.”