Tuesday morning, as it snowed, I contemplated keeping Stitch and me in our pajamas all day. But as I sorted through some new-to-us clothes and folded her laundry, I came across several pieces of clothing with hearts on them. I laughed, because a few weeks ago I was worried she wouldn’t have anything to wear on Valentine’s Day, and now it appears she has many choices. She had a cozy fleece with neon hearts, and I decided that was even more perfect for the snowy day than jammies.

I also decided that we should count down to Valentine’s Day by wearing hearts every day through Valentine’s Day. It’s how we’ll #sharethelove. We all need some cute, love-filled distractions in our social media world right now. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get that special heart outfit made for her for Valentine’s Day–the one I planned when I thought she didn’t have any clothes with hearts.

Here’s her outfit from Tuesday.

And some bonus snow pictures.

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