Photo Credit: The Cloth Parcel

Photo Credit: The Cloth Parcel

I’m getting the itch to nest, which I’m not sure my heart is quite ready for, but that’s a topic for another blog post. The last several times I’ve been in Quilter’s Way, I’ve been drawn to some absolutely lusciously soft flannel from the Cozy Cotton collection from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. They had several that would work for a grey/yellow combination, so I was on the lookout for a project where I could utilize (re: justify) buying the fabric. Stitch is going to have so many blankets, that I felt like I really needed a project and not just buy them for more receiving blankets.

Over a few visits, though, some of the fabrics sold out, so I decided I better scoop them up while I had the chance. I bought 5/8 of a yard of each and set them aside. One day as I perused my “Sewing for Kids” board on Pinterest, I remembered that I wanted to make a carseat canopy. Finally! I had my project! And to make it even more versatile, I’ll be adapting it a bit so it can also hook onto our stroller, especially for when Stitch has outgrown the carseat.

Because I’d bought a bunch of fabrics, I didn’t want to make just a plain one fabric on each side canopy. I decided I really wanted to piece a top. When considering the many options, I kept coming back to a little baby quilt I’ve been wanting to make for ages–the Pinwheel Baby Quilt by Jodi Nelson for Moda Fabrics. Armed with a plan, I decided I needed a few more fabrics to round out my choices. When in Michigan for Thanksgiving, my mom and I went to Pink Castle Fabrics, and I picked up some Grey ABCs. I rounded it all out with a yellow and white polkadot that I ordered online.


Photo Credit: Jodi Nelson, Pleasant Home

On Monday, I headed back to Quilter’s Way and decided to get more of the little stars I’d purchased to be the background fabric. I washed all my flannels and got stitching!


Fabrics cut, marked, and ready to pair for chain piecing.


Let’s go!


Didi likes to supervise from under the cutting table.


I sure love chain piecing! It took me several years to decide to actually try it, and I’ll never got back. Even if a pattern doesn’t seem easily chain-piecable, I figure out a way!


And just like that I have 48 half-square triangles!


Pieced, cut, and ready to press.


Ah…progress! Next up: piecing the pinwheels. Aren’t these fabrics just darling? Oh, how I wish you could feel their softeness. I think Stitch is going to love this one. Oh, did I mention it will be backed in Cuddle? Softest blankie ever!

My goal is to have the pinwheels pieced and borders sewn on before the end of the year. Then I’ll schedule time on the longarm at Quilter’s Way to quilt my sandwich together–always the easiest way to quilt when using Cuddle. That gives me plenty of time to add the prairie points and get it bound before Stitch arrives. It’ll be perfect for keeping my spring baby warm when out and about. I’m very excited to have found the perfect project for these fabrics and to be on my way with getting it finished. Now, don’t ask about the other projects I’ve started… I’ll get back to them, I promise.

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