One of the things I’m trying to embrace during this pregnancy is the moments where I feel like a “normal” pregnant woman. They don’t come often, and sometimes they sneak up on me and are quickly followed by moments of sadness or reflection. Yet, I still try to embrace them.


I’m finding it so interesting to compare food cravings and aversions between my two pregnancies. I swear, if I allowed it, Stitch would want me to eat nothing but potatoes with cheese and bacon. It’s the one thing I’ve consistently wanted since I first found out I was pregnant. For my birthday, Lloyd grilled absolutely gorgeous boneless ribs and we had a side of rice. All through dinner, all I could think about was how the only way this meal could be more perfect was if it had a loaded baked potato on the side.

The next week, I bought more ribs, potatoes, and bacon. We had loaded baked potatoes for lunch one day, and Saturday night, Lloyd fixed my birthday meal again, but this time with baked potatoes. They were delicious. Now that fall is in the air, I have a hankering for cheesy bacon potato soup. Soon, I think.

When I was pregnant with Patrick, all I wanted for breakfast in the first trimester was peanut butter and banana sandwiches. It’s somewhat important to note that normally I hate plain bananas. I’ll eat bananas in things (banana bread, sometimes banana splits, smoothies, etc.), but not on their own. I just find them to be mushy blah.

Oh, and I couldn’t stand chocolate when I was pregnant with Patrick. This was incredibly sad for me. My sister-in-law guessed right away that it must be a boy, because no girl would do that to me! It made me gag, though. It was actually probably my first symptom, before I even knew I was pregnant. I gagged over some chocolate that someone brought into work. I thought it was just because it had hazelnuts in it, but after we confirmed the pregnancy I didn’t eat chocolate again until after Patrick was born.

With Patrick, I wanted sweet and sour things. I craved key lime pie, which is why that will be his “birthday cake” each year.

With Stitch, I want lots of chocolate and ice cream. Also, pickles, which is just so cliche! I don’t think anything has made me gag. Yet. I guess I’ll have to watch out for that.

MeekManor_FeelingNormal_Bump12Weeks copy

I’m also trying to embrace the bump selfies. One of our most viewed articles at Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) is I prefer when Lloyd takes my bump pictures, but last Friday, I decided to participate in #itsbumptime at PALS’ Facebook page, so I went outside and played until I got a “good enough” shot. I’d love for this to happen weekly, but I suspect it won’t. It’s ok. I’ll embrace the moments when they come.