For having the worst possible initiation, the Babyloss Club is filled with the most awe-inspiring and lovely people. This week I’ve done some networking for Pregnancy After Loss Support and gotten to learn more about two amazing families and connect with the mamas, who are doing great things in the loss world.

I got to talk to Erin from Will Carry On on the phone for about an hour on Tuesday.  She and her husband, Aaron, have survived seven losses–five miscarriages and twins born still at 20 weeks. They went on to adopt via domestic adoption (which had its bumps as well) and then became pregnant and successfully carried their youngest to term. As I listened to her tell her story, I cried and yet was also so inspired. She spreads awareness and is a community outreach director for a therapy clinic. She’s going to be writing for PALS, and I’m looking forward to working with her and getting to know her better.

On Wednesday I had coffee with a local babyloss mama, Nicole from MommyInterrupted. She and I have the same MFM consult, which just proves how small the world can be. They lost their daughter while they were on their babymoon, which just breaks me. Life can be so cruel. Nicole and I chatted easily for two hours, sharing our stories and the work that we do now. I’m looking forward to collaborating with her on some awareness campaigns, both locally and nationally.

Crochet Baby Donations

I came home to the sweetest email from Emily, who had made a purchase in my Etsy shop. After having connected with Erin and Nicole, it really just filled my heart to the brim.

Emily_CrochetBuntingPCOur daughter was born early at 23 weeks and passed during the delivery. Since then, the still standing FB pages and your blog have been a tremendous support to me. We went to the hospital by emergency, so we had nothing with us, and the hospital provided a handmade knit cap and outfit for our baby girl. It was so tiny, I couldn’t believe it, and it brought us so much comfort. I like to crochet, so I started whipping up blankets, caps and so forth to donate. Then, when I started reading your blog, I saw the bunting that Patrick had been wrapped in, and I thought it was so sweet, I learned how to make those buntings as well and donated them to our local hospital. Every baby deserves something warm and made with love, especially the small ones like ours. I hope it’s OK to say, but I think of your family when I make those little buntings. It’s a tough club to be a part of, but it’s a tremendous community of support. I just wanted you to know that your son’s legacy is being honored even out in California.

My throat chokes up still when I read this message. My boy, my sweet Patrick, look at what he’s done. His loss broke me, but he’s also putting me back together.

Emily sent me some photographs of her last donation. They are so beautiful, and made with such love. I know what a treasure they will be to the families. I know, because I’m part of the club. And once you’re initiated, the connections you make will change your life almost as much as the loss. Thank you to all of the women who inspire me each day to keep waking up, getting out of bed, and trying to make a difference in the lives of those who have yet to join the club.

Next week is the one year anniversary for Pregnancy After Loss Support. We have some amazing giveaways, events and news. We’re adding services and growing exponentially. As I work on the final graphics and updates, I’m excited. I’m excited to share in the joy next week. Joy. In pregnancy/child loss. Who knew?