March is Pregnancy After Loss Awareness month, and Pregnancy After Loss Support magazine (PALS) ran a campaign, including a photo challenge for the week of March 9-16. I helped organize this event and wanted to gather all of my images and thoughts to share once it was complete.

Pregnancy, in general, comes with a lot of risk and anxiety, but for those who have experienced a loss, the risks are more pronounced, and the anxiety and fear can be unbearable. Pregnancy and infant loss is being acknowledged more, but so many families still suffer through the grief, then anxiety of a subsequent pregnancy, alone. At PALS, we’re working very hard to walk side-by-side with women, with families, through this very challenging process. The more #PALAwareness, the less alone the the women in this community will feel.

Day 1 – Loss/Baby that Died

Prompt: We are on this journey because of the one(s) we lost. Share an image of the baby who died or something that you associate with your loss.

One of my favorite photos…Mama telling Patrick stories. #PALAwareness #babyloss #PAL #TTCAfterLoss

Day 2 – Courageous Mama

Prompt: “I am a courageous mama because…” Take a photo of yourself, brave mama, and tell us why you are a courageous mama!

I am a courageous mama because…I get up each day, put on my orange shoes, and keep moving forward–despite loss, despite secondary infertility, despite whatever is thrown my way–with grace and determination.#courageousmama #PAL #TTCAfterLoss

Day 3 – Trying to Conceive

Prompt: Share an image that portrays how long you tried to conceive your rainbow, or if you’re still TTC, how long you’ve been trying.

9 months and still trying. Consulting with infertility specialist. 28 tubes of blood and a sticker later, we wait for results. #PAL #TTCAfterLoss#babyloss

Day 4 – Today I feel ___________.

Prompt: How are you feeling today, Mama? Do you feel joy, grief, fear, anxiety, excitement, hope, depression, or any other emotions? Share honestly, so we can spread awareness about the many emotions of PAL.

Today I feel overwhelmed with an array of emotions, but always loved. #PALAwareness #babyloss #PAL #TTCAfterLoss

Day 5 – Family or Belly

Prompt: Share an image of your family or your belly. Let’s show the world the diversity of PAL families.

My family–#MeekStrong. Patrick is with us always in our hearts, and also with tokens (jewelry and hankies) we wear or carry with us. #PALAwareness #babyloss #PAL #TTCAfterLoss

Day 6 – What I want you to know about PAL

Prompt:  Download and print our “What I want you to know about PAL” sign, and write a message to the world. What is the most important thing you want to be heard about PAL Awareness? Take a selfie with the sign, and share. We can’t wait to hear what you all say!

One of my favorite photos…Mama telling Patrick stories. #PALAwareness #babyloss #PAL #TTCAfterLoss

Day 7 – Purple for PALS

Prompt: Purple is the color of courage, and we ARE courageous mamas! Wear purple, put purple on your Rainbow Baby, or make purple pancakes. Share a photo with purple in your day, and we’ll spread awareness about PAL for all of our courageous mamas!

Teapot: Purple for #PALAwareness. Tea for #mindful reflection.

Converse Sneakers: Purple for #PALAwareness. Love my #chucks, even in the rain.