In case you haven’t heard, today is a very special Pi Day. In honor of Pi Day, we’ve been celebrating Pie Week here at Meek Manor. Today, we have a free pattern to make this darling “Any day is Pie Day” embroidered hoop art.


What you’ll need to get started:

  • “Pie Day” Hoop Art Pattern
  • Wash-Away Stitch Stabilizer (optional)
  • 14″ square piece of fabric (I used Robert Kaufman’s Essex Linen in Steel, which is just fabulous texture for embroidery)
  • 14″ square piece of light-weight batting (optional)
  • 8″ Embroidery hoop
  • Chenille needle
  • AURIfil 12-wt. thread, colors 2250 (red), 5006 (lt. turquoise), 2582 (dark violet), 2021 (natural white), and 2975 (brass)

Print the pattern on the Wash-Away Stitch Stabilizer, or trace onto fabric using your favorite method (disappearing ink pen, Sewline pencil, etc.).


Baste your batting and fabric together around the edges. Using batting is optional, but I have found that stitching on a layer of batting adds extra stabilization, hides your stitches, and creates a puffy feel to the stitches, which looks lovely. Ever since I was taught this method, I have used batting on all of my embroidery. It just creates the most amazing look and feel.

If you’re using the wash-away stitch stabilizer, cut around the pattern, peel the paper off of the stabilizer, and place it in the middle of the fabric.


Start embroidering the pie plate using the back-stitch. Most of the pattern will be stitched using a back-stitch, using the following colors for each element.

  • Pie plate is back-stitched with AURIfil 12-wt. #2582, Dark Violet
  • Pie crust is back-stitched with AURIfil 12-wt. #2975, Brass
  • Whipped cream is back-stitched with AURIfil 12-wt. #2021, Natural White
  • Text is back-stitched with AURIfil 12-wt. #5006, Light Turquoise. Use a triple-wrap French knot for the dots of the “i”.


Fill the pie crust vents with French knots, using AURIfil 12-wt. #2250, Red. V&Co has a great tutorial for using French knots as a fill.


If you’ve used the Wash-Away Stitch Stabilizer, you’ll need to wash your piece on delicate before completing.


Lay it flat to dry overnight.

Center your embroidery design in the 8″ hoop,  tighten and trim fabric/batting to 1″ around the edge of the hoop. Finish as desired, using either glue or a gathering stitch.


You’re all done! Enjoy your darling Pie Day hoop art. And I highly recommend that you  celebrate with some Pie. Pie makes every day better.

If you’re not a stitcher, or you’d prefer to just win this hoop art, visit our Giveaway post later today. You can also purchase this hoop art (and other personalized embroidery hoop art) at our Etsy Shop.