Today’s pie was a bit quicker to put together, and I didn’t make the traditional crust. Not making the crust really caused me to feel like I was cheating. Then I remembered that this is *my* pie project, so I can make up the rules. Last Thursday I had a doctor’s appointment, and since we’re a one car family, when I need the car, I take Lloyd to work. That scenario eats a good portion of my day, so I had to choose between not making a pie or making something a little quicker. I decided that something a little quicker was the winning choice. The graham cracker crust for the Peanut Butter Candy Pie was a great compromise.


I have to admit that I was a little iffy about including peanuts in my graham cracker crust. I like peanuts, but I don’t always like nuts in my desserts. Lloyd loves peanuts, though, so I wanted to at least give it a try.


I crushed my peanuts and graham crackers in my mini-food processor, which worked like a dream! I love that little guy.


Mmmm…that crust looks fantastic! And so quick! As it baked, I could smell the peanuts, and I was coming around to the whole idea of peanuts in my graham cracker crust.


Doing this project has caused me to notice some things that I otherwise probably wouldn’t pay much attention. For instance, which products do I feel are worthy of brand name vs. generic? If you look at my choices for the crust, they were all store brand (from our nearest market, Price Chopper). But, look here at my choices for the filling. The only store brand is the powdered sugar. Peanut butter MUST be Jif Creamy. In this house, it’s the only peanut butter that even exists. I will occasionally buy store-brand cream cheese, but I wanted the real stuff for this recipe. The Reese’s were a no-brainer–must have the real deal. Cool Whip was on sale; otherwise, I probably would have gotten the store brand.


You also notice where you leave things–like the lens cap. Oops. I still had to share this photograph. After whipping together most of the ingredients for the filling, using Thelma (my Kitchen Aid. Yes, she has a name), I folded in the chopped Reese’s peanut butter cups. Don’t you just want to take a spoon and sit down and eat that? YUM! I did lick that scraper, and I didn’t feel even a little guilty.


Ready to chill in the fridge for a couple of hours while I go pick up Lloyd from work. See those leftover chopped Reese’s towards the back? You’ll see their amazing purpose a bit.


See! Doesn’t that just make it look divine? Melted peanut butter drizzled over the top, then the rest of the chopped Reese’s. Yum. Yum. Yum.


I think you need a close-up of that beauty. Don’t you wish you were here? Sorry. It’s all gone. It didn’t last long. Lloyd declared last Friday that the problem with #PieThursday is that by Sunday there is no more pie. Apparently, we need #PieThursday and #PieSundayOrMonday. Not sure our glucose levels need that, though. Since type two diabetes runs in both sides of our family, I think we’ll keep pie to a weekly affair.

Today’s pie stats:

  • Pie #3
  • Crust: Peanut-Graham Cracker
  • Pie recipe: Peanut Butter Candy Pie from The Southern Pie Book by Jan Moon
  • Valerie’s verdict: Sweet and salty deliciousness.
  • Lloyd’s verdict: Rich and had great taste
  • Goal for next pie: Try rolling the pie crust on the rolling pin to move to pie plate (from last week, since I didn’t make traditional pie crust this week)