Last week was a busy writing week! My two monthly articles posted at Pregnancy After Loss Support. I also wrote a PAL Love Letter for the second annual series (which I helped organize), also at Pregnancy After Loss Support.

Moving Forward while TTC After Loss

My monthly trying to conceive (TTC) journal article, “Moving Forward while TTC After Loss” chronicled November’s cycle. From the article, “Going into our seventh cycle of TTC after losing Patrick, I felt fairly hopeful—not necessarily about getting pregnant that month, just hopeful in general. This hopeful nature helped me realize that it was time to start moving forward. It’s important to note that moving forward does not equal moving on or “getting over” our loss and the TTC process–quite the opposite. It’s recognizing what’s known in the grief and loss world as the “new normal,” the before and after, and trying to regain some semblance of living again.

How I Cope: Mastery

From “How I Cope: Mastery,” my monthly coping strategy article: “In my TTC journal article earlier this week, I wrote about working to ‘move forward.’ Part of this process involved increasing my use of mastery. In previous How I Cope articles (Ten Tips for Managing Anxiety & Dialectics), I’ve mentioned how mastery helps me cope, but I’d like to delve further into the strategy, because it was a vital aspect in helping me ‘move forward.'”

The Mama That Could

Pregnancy After Loss (PAL) Support organized the 2nd Annual PAL Love Letter series for the month of February. These love letters, Valentines, were written to wrap the PAL mama in love, encouragement, and support. My letter was directed towards the mama trying to conceive (TTC) after loss and incorporated my love of children’s books: Dear Mama TTC After Loss… You are the Mama that Could.