Capture Your Grief Prompt:

Day 25: MOTHER EARTH. We as a community love to do things in memory of our children. Today I wanted to do something to honour our children’s spirits and I wanted this to be something that helps our Mother Earth. Planting a tree is a meaningful way to remember our children. It also gives you a spot to visit them. It allows their memory to be rooted into the Earth. Let our stories, hearts and children be connected and intertwined as one by planting their memory into the Earth today. Let’s give our children a place in this world to grow. This beautiful act of remembrance not only brings warmth to our hearts but it helps the environment too. Plant a seed, flower or tree into the Earth in memory of your children. Spend some time thinking about what you would like to plant for your child. There maybe different meanings behind different trees. Some plants may represent different things too. Maybe it is a rose, or a blossom tree that you would like to grow. You may even want to start a veggie garden. The choices are pretty much endless. Plant whatever you can that is within your budget. If you are in a position where you are not able to do this yourself, put the word out to your friends and family and see if someone you love would be able to do this for you. You may want to plant a plant in your garden or find out where there is a public place in your own community where you can do this. Invite your friends and family to join you to honour your children. How much love can we plant today?

Mother Earth


Today we’re helping Mother Earth, not by planting a tree or tulips (since we rent an apartment) but instead by adopting Didi Darling, who is a rescue from Puerto Rico. In a year that has held so much loss, we needed to give love this month, in this part of our grief journey. We went to the shelter, not sure we’d adopt that day, but Didi picked us. I played with her for a bit while Lloyd was still looking in the other pens. When Lloyd joined us, he picked her up, and she fell asleep in his arms. Well, that was it. She came home with us.

It’s been two weeks today since we adopted her. We’re all still adjusting. She’s got some residual health/neglect issues that we’re addressing, as well as lots of training. Mama’s still spending part of every night sleeping on the floor next to Didi’s crate to help her settle and sleep through the night. We love her dearly. And it’s unclear who rescued who at this point, and probably will be forever.