When Lloyd and I first started dating, he took it slow. Now, I can be a little old-school myself, so this was ok with me, to a point. I can’t remember exactly how long it took, but eventually, I was ready to be kissed. I was pretty sure he liked me. Turns out he liked me so much, he didn’t want to screw it up. I decided I had to kick things up a notch, and I said, “I’d like to play a song for you.” Thompson Square’s first single had just come out, so I played, “Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not?” He got the hint, and here we are three and a half years later.

Thompson Square’s music has become part of the soundtrack of our lives. We first saw them live in late summer 2011 at the Barnstable County Fair.


In mid-April I found out they were coming back to Massachusetts. Papa (Lloyd’s dad) got us fantastic seats (5th row) for our anniversary. The concert is one of the few things I’ve actually been looking forward to this summer. I even requested meet and greet passes, which we were also able to get.

I’ve never done a meet-and-greet before. I’ve gone to book signings, so I guess it’s kind of like that. On our way to the concert, I was reading the email about the meet-and-greet rules and FAQs and realized I hadn’t even considered bringing something for them to sign. I’m such a goof! Fortunately, their latest CD was in the car (the only CD we have in the car, actually), so it worked out.


The concert was at Indian Ranch in Webster, MA. It’s quite a beautiful outdoor space, right along Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg (try saying that three times really quickly. Actually, try saying that at all!). We wandered quite a bit. There’s even a beach in the venue area.

Photo Credit: Scott Sims Saunders

Photo Credit: Scott Sims Saunders

Keifer and Shawna were really so kind and gracious. Lloyd said he’d done meet-and-greets before where you were just kind of a number, but they took the time to ask questions and chat for a minute. Because I’m a big dork, I actually wrote them a letter/note about how much their music has meant to us. When I handed it to Shawna, she said, “Oh how lovely! No one ever writes us notes anymore! It’s all just Facebook and Twitter!” So, yeah, I’m old-school, but it seemed appreciated.

There we are! Photo Credit: Keifer Thompson, on Facebook

There we are! Photo Credit: Keifer Thompson, on Facebook

The concert was wonderful, but too short! Lloyd says that’s the sign of a good concert: that it just flies by. At times it was a bit emotional because the songs really have had such meaning in our lives. While Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not was “our song” at the beginning of our relationship, If I Didn’t Have You has become our song over time. I read somewhere that Keifer and Shawna wrote that song after the death of her father. It’s one of those songs that you can tell comes from a place deep within, and that’s likely how we can relate to it so well.

Lloyd took a few photos of the concert, but I’d put my phone away. I didn’t want to get lost in capturing the moment; I just wanted to be in the moment.