We have websites in this house that are definitely his and hers. His: Buzzfeed; Hers: Pinterest. His: Things I Learned Today; Hers: Any number of quilting blogs. And so it goes on. When I am reading something from Buzzfeed, he gives me no end of grief. And, until the other night, he scoffed at everything on Pinterest. Then he saw this pin over my shoulder as I was surfing the iPad in bed.


Source: thevintagewren.blogspot.com via Valerie on Pinterest

Suddenly, his interest was piqued. A coffee station! We should have that! I checked out the blog where the photo originated, and discovered that the shelf with the hooks came from Hobby Lobby. Over to Hobby Lobby’s website I headed, and sure enough, there it was!

When we got home from work last night, I went on a re-organizing rampage, in an effort to start getting us our coffee station. We have a buffet along one side of our kitchen, so that’s the spot. We’ve moved things over there, but we still need to order the shelf and finish getting it set up. We are on our way, though. Our “diner” is getting more and more official every day! I even picked up some Peel & Stick Wallies Chalkborder the other day that we’ll integrate to help make it our own.

Then, this morning, in a moment of either brilliance or insanity (Toto woke me up at 3:30 to go outside, and I couldn’t go back to sleep, so it could be either), I pulled out a coffee panel I bought at a quilt show about a year ago and mapped out how to turn it into a valance for the big kitchen window (which currently has a hideous Walmart lace valance). So, there’s lots of plotting going on here. We’ll see if we get any further than this point. A girl can hope; and a boy can curse Pinterest.