We had the best little ring bearer in the world, and he’d likely tell you exactly that. Cooper is my nephew, and it was never even really a discussion that he would have that role in the wedding. When he arrived in Boston with Daddy, he ran into my apartment jumped into my arms and grabbed my face with so much excitement. I asked him, “Cooper, why are you here?” And he squeezed my face and screamed, “Because you’re getting marrrrrrriiieeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!” He brought so much joy to the day, several great little stories, and a million great photographs of precious moments. He’s currently the only grandchild in our family, so he is quite used to the focus being on him. He did such a good job of letting Auntie Val have her day.

Cooper had several handmade bits to his part in the wedding. Once Lloyd designed our monogram, I got to work on the ring bearer pillow, which we designed together. The top of the pillow was made with the champagne dupioni silk from my dress, while the back and piping was made from the dupioni silk fabric used for my sash and Lloyd and Cooper’s vests and ties. I embroidered our monogram, the date of our wedding (using the same font that was used on our invitation and program), and then embroidered beads over the rest of the pillow top. I loved how it turned out; it really was exactly what I wanted.

I also wanted Cooper to have a pillow that he could take home. I have been witness to issues in other weddings when the flower girl got to keep her basket and the ring bearer had to give back the pillow. Even though I wasn’t having a flower girl, I wanted Cooper to have a pillow to take home with him–one that was more appropriate for him. I used leftover fabric from his baby quilt, courtesy of my Mama, embroidered, “Cooper was a Super Ring Bearer!” in a comic-y font, attached a wool felt cape with an “S” on it, then embroidered the date on it.

Photo of Cooper’s pillow courtesy my matron of honor, Jan.


I showed Cooper both of the pillows at the rehearsal, and I thought I explained that he’d be carrying the fancy one in the wedding, but he’d get take the other pillow home with him. I must not have done a good job with that explanation, though, because as we were getting ready to line up for the processional, he was handed the fancy pillow and said, “This is the wrong pillow. I need the super bearer pillow.” Fortunately, I was able to quickly explain that I really wanted him to carry the fancy one for the wedding, but he could have the “Super Bearer” pillow right after the wedding. Honestly, I wouldn’t have cared if he had carried the “Super Bearer” pillow. It kind of would have made me laugh, and would have just gone perfectly with the wedding. I wasn’t sure *where* it was, though. So, I was thrilled he took my explanation and went with it. That’s what a great little guy he is!

Cooper’s other handmade bit was his vest and tie, made with the same fabric as my sash and Lloyd’s vest and tie–one of the many items handmade by my Mama. He looked so dapper! Now, Cooper’s not crazy about organized photography sessions. He never really has been. I remember the first big family session we did when he was about 14 months old. He had napped right before the session, but still wanted nothing to do with cooperating. The next family session we did, about a year ago, the only photos he wanted to be in where the ones of the sibs. He kept sneaking in! It was so hysterical that we were laughing so hard we were crying. Those photographs are priceless. So, it really was no surprise to me that he wanted nothing to do with being told where to stand and to smile. Eventually, though, Daddy took him away for a talk. When he came back, he announced to the group, “I DESTROYED my bad behavior!” which was so in keeping with the theme that you couldn’t possibly not just love the boy even more. I was never worried about getting great photos with Cooper, though I think my sister-in-law was a little nervous. When the photos came back, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Here are a few from the portrait session. Check out his vest and tie! Such a handsome little guy!

He’s even gotten to wear his vest again since the wedding, on a cruise he took with his Mama and Daddy to celebrate his Daddy graduating from law school. In pure Cooper fashion, just after the photographer snapped a family portrait, Cooper posed, and the photographer got it!

By the time we were organizing in the bride’s room, Cooper had been on-site for over three hours. Bless his little heart, he was such a gem and so excited for his part in the wedding. We got him his pillow, and everyone went downstairs, except for Cooper, my dad, and me, because we were walking down the staircase. Cooper was very concerned about when he was supposed to go. Usually his Mama would be giving these instructions, but she was one of the bridesmaids, so we were watching for cues from one of the photographers, Kristin. Cooper sat on the top step and kept asking, “Is it time? Is it my turn? Is it time?” as he dropped little pieces of lint and whatnot down the center of the spiral staircase, keeping his Auntie Val giggling. When Kristin gave the signal, I told him he could go. He held the railing and walked with purpose down those stairs saying, “I’m coming! I’m coming!” the whole way. Apparently, when he got to the doorway of the great room he paused, waved, and announced, “I’m here!” then ran down the aisle and sat next to Grandma. That’s our Cooper! Trying to steal the show with his absolute spontaneous adorableness.

Cooper sat so nicely with Grandpa and Grandma during the ceremony. The only peep I heard out of him was during Ben’s (his dad) charge to the couple. Ben quoted, “Ladybug Girl never runs away when things get hard,” from Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad, which is a book that Cooper and Auntie Val love to read together.  After that quote, I heard a little Cooper voice say, “Grandma, that’s from the book!”

Between the ceremony and reception, Cooper totally charmed our guests watching the livestream on Qik. Again, totally unplanned, he asked his Mama about things in the program, and ended up describing parts of the wedding and the program to the guests tuning in. So many people commented on how much they adored that little bit. Cutie. Then it was on to the reception and dancing. Cooper is quite the dancer, I’ll tell you what! After a day of working hard for his Auntie Val, he got to kick back and dance his heart out. And he did.

The boy’s got moves. I think he learned them from his dad and Uncle Jon.

And he danced with his Auntie Val.

He also stole Jan’s camera and took some photos.

He desperately tried to understand and learn “YMCA,” but ended up just dancing in the middle of a circle of YMCAers.

And at the end of the night, he wanted to leave with Uncle Lloyd and Auntie Val…um, I love you kiddo, but no.

So, instead, he helped clean up, and an exhausted little boy got in the car and announced to Mama, Daddy and Uncle Jon, “I’m tired…I’m going to sleep now.” He turned his head and stayed in this position until they got back to the hotel.

Photo courtesy my brother Jon.

See what I mean, though? Best ring bearer ever.

**All photos courtesy Margaret Belanger Photography, unless otherwise noted.