Our relationship’s superhero roots began at our very first coffee meeting–Lloyd showed me the Lloyd as Batman drawing that was his Facebook profile picture, and I showed him a picture of me dressed up as Ladybug Girl on Character Day during spirit week at school. As time went on, Lloyd drew us together as Batman and Ladybug Girl, then eventually added Toto the Wonder Dog to the drawing.

After we got engaged and started to seriously discuss what we wanted for the wedding, the idea of a superhero wedding kept popping up. It turned out that we had very different ideas of what a superhero wedding would look like. I won’t go into great detail of the many discussions we had on this topic; that could probably be its own blog! One day, within a few weeks of the engagement, we got the Fall Restoration Hardware catalog in the mail. A vintage birdcage chandelier graced the cover. Lloyd saw it on the coffee table and said, “This is really cool–very Bruce Wayne-esque.”

I replied, “Maybe that’s the direction we can go with a superhero wedding–a Bruce Wayne sort of affair.” That vintage birdcage chandelier became the focal point of our theme. There weren’t actually any birdcages at our wedding (I don’t think), but there were many chandeliers, and even more dangling crystals!

We walked an interesting tightrope–balancing Bruce Wayne Cocktail Party and secret comic book superhero wedding. In the end, it was completely us–fun and elegant.